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Rock Star Apes are a community of artists who support each other through fun and exciting collaborations. One of our goals is to help each other find success in our art form. We also have some pretty sweet perks every month! We give away free passes to music festivals, backstage passes to concerts, concert tickets, etc. You name it! If you love music and art, join our discord!

A 7777 collection of the original rockstar apes that lived in the Metaverse world play in a band, and they travel from world to world, performing concerts. Their music helps bring the worlds together through sound. Welcome To The Rockstar Apes club. Here are your Rockstar Apes! Let's go on a fun journey together. There is lots to do, and it would be great if you joined us! ROCKSTAR APES is offering official Rockstar Apes merchandise for their Stakers, and ROCKSTAR APES is planning a surprise for RAC NFT holders. Rockstar Apes aims to help holders by allowing them to stake their NFT for our very own token!

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Growth Roadmap

7,777 Rockstar Apes are ready to mint onto the Ethereum Blockchain to build an exclusive Community.

Phase 1


Phase 1 of the roadmap will be involving the building of our community! During this phase, we will be marketing the Rockstar Apes on social media to grow our community following. We will be collaborating with other large projects within the NFT space before and after launch!

Phase 2


Phase 2 of the roadmap will be involving the launch of our NFTs and the community utility post mint! Our launch date is sometime in April, however it is not specified as of yet; mint price and launch will be announced on our discord during April. Any un-minted Rockstar Apes will be frozen in the contract, unable to be minted. 10% of the total revenue earned from mint will be added to a community wallet in which the community can decide how it is spent through a DAO (including but not limited to buying Metaverse land)! Immediately after launch, we will be doing a 77 day giveaway, 7 ETH donation to charities that help families in need (on sell out), in which each day a free NFT of a random collection will be raffled off to holders!

Phase 3


Phase 3 of the roadmap will be regarding the staking of the Rockstar Apes! Our developer has provided the project with a high class staking contract in which the Rockstar Apes can be staked for our very own coin! 30% of all secondary sales will be added to the contract in the form of this new coin, allowing all Rockstar Ape holders to stake for a coin backed by sales!

Phase 4


Phase 4 of the roadmap will be focussed on helping our holders thrive in the NFT space! Owning the Rockstar Ape NFT will allow you to take part in our WL Marketplace. Through this innovative addition to our project, our members will have the ability to purchase Whitelist spots for a multitude of projects we collaborate with, using our token. This is an added benefit of integrating our coin into our staking contract, allowing our holders to save the hours of grinding in upcoming projects for a quick and easy way to acquire whitelist spots on some potentially big projects!



Phase 5 of the roadmap will be tailored to the long term future of the NFT! In this phase we will br developing an updated roadmap 2.0. One thing our founders can be sure of however, is the immense utility we will be providing; your Rockstar Ape will be your ticket into our very own Ape-verse! More to come... stay tuned; any updates will be on our discord.

Meet The Team

The one's who are making things happen in the Rockstar Apes Club Space

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Rod Monkey Ape

Co Founder

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Blockchain Developer

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77 Days of Giveaways

For 77 days after the mint of the Rockstar Apes collection, the team have decided to giveaway 77 prestigious NFTs from other great well known communities for our Holders only!

Giveaway will be hosted on our Discord and we are doing this to give back to the community.

Check out our discord for more details!

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Official launch will be May/Early June 2022, precise dates are To-Be-Announced on our discord. Updates will be made in the announcements channel on discord and on Twitter.
Minting (buying) the first 7777 Rockstar Apes will take place on the website on launch date. Once we mint out and our Opensea is launched, the only way to buy more is through there!
To get a guaranteed chance to mint, you must be whitelisted! To be whitelisted for a Rockstar Ape, you must head on over to our discord server where you can compete for whitelist in various events, games and community activities, even just talking!
Your Rockstar Ape will act as a pass into our exclusive community! Here you will be able to take part in holder-only giveaways; you can also stake your Rockstar Ape for our own tokens!
The mint price will be announced very soon on our discord! To receive the latest news for our project, head on over to the discord where a vast variety of information about the project is available to every user; a place for our community to truly interact and integrate with one another.
Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have.

All essential information will be announced on Discord.